A New Partnership with Hivetec Australia

Hivetec Australia enter a new partnership with Aspire Early Intervention Aspire Early Intervention can now enjoy peace of mind knowing that their service delivery is optimised through the utilisation of Bridge Care. Care provider Aspire Early Intervention provide highly individualised programs for children with special needs, and pride themselves on their ability to focus on […]


No more “More” : A Response to “In Defence of More”

No More “More:” A response to In Defense of “More”—10 Reasons I Still Teach the Sign More First  By Tracy Vail, MS, CCC-SLP, Autism Consultant and Heather Forbes, MA, CCC-SLP, BCBA   There is currently a great deal of debate in the field of speech-language pathology about the kinds of words that should be taught […]


What is Parent Training?

Parent training refers to involving the parents or caregivers in their child’s learning of new skills. At Aspire parent training is a cornerstone of our intervention programs. Not only in our early intensive programs but also our consultancy programs once children go to school Some parents think that the cost of parent training would be […]