This program involves a small team of behaviour technicians working one on one with your child at your home, pre-school or our centre, and are closely supervised by a program manager. During monthly team meetings and regular parent trainings, goals are set, data is reviewed carefully and decisions are made as a team.

The EIBI program would typically involve a child receiving between 10 ‐ 35 hours a week of early intervention at home and school. This therapy is implemented either by our staff, by independent therapists or a combination of both Aspire staff and independents. To start a program, for example of about 25 hours per week, you would need 2 ‐3 therapists to actually deliver the program.


Our Therapists

We have staff available at varying experience levels to assist you with therapy services. We have a tiered model from therapists to Behaviour Support Practitioners (senior therapists) and Program Managers. The therapists implement one on one therapy and are usually third or fourth year university students who study Psychology, Education, Occupational Therapy or Speech Pathology.

Our Behaviour Support Practitioners have at least 18 months experience and have completed a comprehensive in-house training program and passed our practical and theoretical exam. They generally have finished their undergraduate degrees in a related field. We recommend your assigned program manager work one on one with your child, as we want to be familiar with your child’s learning style. Our program managers can do this during, or prior to team meetings, or regular one-on-one sessions in between team meetings, depending on their availability.

In addition, if you are looking for independent therapists we provide training and support suited towards your child’s individualised program for independents.


Contact us for more information or to book an initial assessment for your child.