A more inclusive space

We are proud to support the movement for gender-neutral bathrooms, to foster a more inclusive space, and to create a safe space for trans, gender-fluid, and intersex clients and families who attend our services.

At Aspire, our core values include respect for difference, and inclusivity. We encourage families who come from diverse backgrounds. Our clients and our employees sit on a spectrum of different races, genders, cultures, religions and identities.

We recognize that families come in different shapes and sizes. A child may be raised by a single parent, or two parents, or more. A child may be raised by a biological or non-biological parent or guardian. A child may have two mums, or two dads. Many siblings, or none.

The children who we work with are equally diverse, and at Aspire, our goal is to work with that diversity, and encourage it.

We recognize that every child has their own unique contribution to bring to the world, and the people dear to them. It is a child who sets the direction, we can only place contours around them to keep them moving forward.

We recognize that children have the right to choose their own gender identity, and that this is not always determined by their sex. We work with your child, not your child’s assumed sex, to bring creativity and acceptance into all of our spaces. 

We recognise that the extraordinary children who we see at Aspire, are not always welcomed in other spaces. We strive to create a supportive and open environment, where it is safe to explore, and to learn. Where it is safe to make mistakes, and to keep going.

We welcome any feedback to make our spaces more inclusive, or how to better represent your family in our services.

We welcome all genders, all races, all cultures, and all families into our centre.

Thank you for being part of the growing Aspire family.