At Aspire we believe in building a supportive community around each child. Only through direct interaction between parents, therapists and program managers can the best outcomes be reached for your child.

Aspire culminates in a network of over thirty Early Intensive Behaviour Intervention (EIBI) practitioners lead by our highly experienced team of Behaviour Support Practitioners (BSPs) and Program Managers

Our Aspire Family is continually growing, we are striving to work cohesively with our parents and children, as well as develop professionally. Our team is at the forefront of Aspire and are all valuable in all that they do!



Dianne Verstappen – Clinical Director
MA. (Linguistics), BCBA


Dianne is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) and is available to supervise BCaBAs and people undertaking the requirements to become board certified as Behaviour Analysts.

Dianne has presented at conferences and has provided workshops internationally on Verbal Behaviour, Behaviour Management and Teaching Children with Special Needs. She frequently consults with schools in the Asia Pacific region (Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore) and provides teacher and staff training for international schools throughout Asia. Currently, Dianne lectures at Monash University for the Masters of Education, in Applied Behaviour Analysis specialisation.

Dianne is also a PART trainer and trains staff and parents in dealing with aggressive behaviour and how to restrain safely.

Her current research interests are in Relational Frame Theory and its practical applications. Dianne is a member of the APBA, ABAI and AUABA


 Our Canberra Team 


Sumit Behl – Program Manager 
B.Sc. (Physiotherapy), BCaBA


Sumit holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy and had over 3 years of experience working with patients. She ventured into Behavioural Analysis in 2013 and started as an ABA Therapist. After years of hard work and dedication, she is a certified BCaBA and works as a Program Manager with Aspire in ACT and surrounding areas. She has the passion of a therapist and the heart of a teacher and has valuable experience of working with children of ages 18 months to 13 years, with varying abilities.

Sumit works hard in making sure she builds a strong rapport with the children and their families, thereby assisting the children to reach their full potential. Improvements in eye contact, social interaction, communication and self-help skills have been the remarkable and noticeable achievements that Sumit has noticed with many of her clients.


Preeti Vogel – Program Manager
M.A. (Clinical Psychology), BCBA


Preeti started off her journey as a behaviour technician in 2014. She worked her way by completing post-masters course work in ABA from Florida Institute of Technology, US and got certified in 2018. She has a Masters in Clinical Psychology from India and has worked alongside a few hospitals, clinics and schools for 5 years while pursuing her education.

Her interest lies in teaching functional and adaptive life skills to her clients and adheres to the ethical standards aiming to disseminate the field. She has 6 years of experience working with clients of varied age groups (5-18 year olds), focusing on functional communication and language skills, social skills, vocational training, daily living skills and behaviour management. She has provided ABA services in multiple settings (centre based, home and community) and this experience further extends to training and supervising staff and families. She joined Aspire in 2019 and is looking forward to learning and growing with the team.


Vanessa Fernandez – Behaviour Support Practitioner / Program Manager
B.Sc. (Psychology), BCaBA

Vanessa pic

Vanessa completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology in the Philippines in 2008, with units in a masters program for Early Childhood Education in Special Education. The same year, Vanessa started working as a junior Behaviour Therapist in an early intervention centre. Vanessa worked in Dubai as an ABA therapist for four years, providing home and centre-based programs, one-to-one instruction, progress reports for clients, and conducting VB-MAPP assessments. In 2016, Vanessa moved to Australia and worked in a child-care centre for children with autism. She worked alongside the therapy and teaching team to develop individual behaviour plans, and creating a strategy to support children to engage in classroom programs. 

Vanessa has worked with clients from 2.5 to 7 years of age in home, centre and school-based settings. She is passionate about teaching and supporting children to achieve their full potential. Vanessa has a strong approach to teamwork, which fosters successful relationships with families. She received her certification as a Board Certified Assistant Behaviour Analyst (BCaBA) from Florida Institute of Technology in 2020.

Vanessa joined Aspire Early Intervention as a Senior Behaviour Technician in 2018.



Joshua Rice – Behaviour Support Practitioner 
B.A. (Psychology)

Bio Pic

Joshua completed his Bachelor of Science in Psychology developing a passion for behaviour science and how this can be applied in a range of areas. He will continue his study, being enrolled in a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Honours), and Masters of Education in Applied Behaviour Analysis to further develop his theoretical knowledge and applied skills.

Having completed his behaviour therapist training, he started at the Canberra branch in September 2018, Josh has enjoyed working with a range of clients at different skill levels, and including developing communication skills, functional skills, play, and social skills with peers.

Josh particularly enjoys working on communication, and watching as clients use their developing skills to build relationships, evolve their play and access reinforcement from their natural environment as growing autonomous individuals.


 Our Sydney Team 


Marie-Morgane Hieulle – Program Manager 
M.A. Psychology, BCBA 


After finishing high school, Marie started working to help empower children with specific social or educational needs and facilitate their access to schooling in various settings (including learning centres, homes, and children who were squatting).

Marie completed her Masters in Psychology in 2011 and worked in a hospital for children and teenagers with mental health issues and developmental disabilities. She particularly enjoyed working with children with complex needs, and started specialising in ABA. Between 2013-2018, Marie switched to work as a private consultant, supervisor or therapist in homes and schools in Belgium and France. She received her certification in 2016.

Marie particularly loves working with parents and families to make therapy functional and achieve critical life skills, including self-help, communication and access to medical services. Marie has a special interest in feeding, alternative communication, functional communication training and the development of language in general.

Marie is looking forward to developing her behaviour analytic skills further by joining the highly motivated people at Aspire. She is keen to venture into research in the future.



Emily Shahen – Behaviour Support Practitioner / Program Manager 
B.Sc. (Speech and Hearing), M.A. (Speech Language Pathology)

Emily Profile

Emily completed a Bachelor degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences in 2010 and a Master of Arts degree majoring in the area of Speech and Language Pathology in 2012 at Macquarie University. She also completed Certificate III in Disability in a Pre-Vocational Program with Cerebral Palsy Alliance in 2011.

Emily’s prior experience consists of 3 years of private tutoring covering all areas of the school curriculum, with young adolescents with special needs, including Aspergers Syndrome and ADHD. Additionally, Emily has worked in the disability sector as a Direct Support Professional for adults with a variety of disabilities. Emily joined the Aspire team in 2013 as a Junior Therapist and became a Senior Therapist in 2014.

At Aspire, Emily has developed knowledge and experience in working with children from 2 to 10 years of age and has worked with boys and girls with a variety of skill sets. Emily has experience in providing one-on-one therapy at clients’ homes and the Aspire centre, shadowing at schools and daycares as well as conducting the VB-MAPP assessment tool to assess children’s skill sets. She has attended all training workshops provided by Aspire.

Emily has a passion for working with children with special needs across all ages, and their families as it brings her great satisfaction being able to make a difference in their lives. Emily is very interested in the language development of children, relative to both the receptive and expressive components.

Emily hopes to continue to build her knowledge and experience further in ABA therapy.  



Shelby Coy – Behaviour Support Practitioner / Program Manager 
B.A. (Psychology) 

Shelby completed her Bachelors in Psychology with a minor in Applied Psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2014. She was trained as an ABA therapist in 2014 and worked as an independent therapist until joining Aspire as a Behaviour Support Practitioner in 2016. Shelby became a Registered Behaviour Technician from the BACB, and is now completing her Masters in Professional Behaviour Analysis from Florida Institute of Technology. She graduates at the end of 2020, and will sit her BCBA exam in early 2021. 

Shelby has experience in working with children of many backgrounds and abilities. She is passionate about working with children’s families in building their capacity to facilitate therapy in their natural environment. Shelby has therapy experience across many settings including clinical, home-based, school, and social skills workshops. 

When Shelby is not working, she enjoys making people laugh, talking to her family abroad, and making popcorn. 



Liz Dickson – Behaviour Support Practitioner / Program Manager 
B.A. (Psychology)


 Liz Dickson is a Behaviour Support Practitioner with 8 years experience in ABA. She holds a Master of Education (ABA specialisation) from Monash University. Liz particularly enjoys working on life skills and functional communication. She has attended training on PECS and Essentials for Living, and presented a clinical case study at the national Australian ABA conference in 2019 on using stimulus fading to teach drinking from a cup. 

In her spare time, Liz loves cooking, reading and holidays to the mountains.


Peter – Behaviour Support Practitioner / Program Manager 
B. BSc (Behavioural Science)


Peter completed his Bachelor of Behavioural Science in 2011 at the University of Notre Dame, Australia and holds a Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance from Open Colleges. Since then, he has worked in the individual services industry, the education system, and the disability sector implementing programs for a variety of individuals ranging from early learners to adults. He joined the Aspire team in 2017 as a Behaviour Technician and became registered with the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board in the same year.

Peter finished his Behaviour Support Practitioner training in 2018 and is currently studying towards becoming a Board Certified assistant Behaviour Analyst (BCaBA) with the Florida Institute of Technology. Peter is passionate about developing children’s functional skills and will strive to unlock your child’s full potential. He believes that establishing himself as a reinforcer is one of the most important aspects of therapy as it fosters learning, builds a positive relationship with your child and overall allows your child to have fun!


Krystal Hilly – Behaviour Support Practitioner / Program Manager 
B.A. (Psychology)


Krystal completed her B.A. in Psychology in 2014. She was trained as an ABA therapist in 2011 and worked as an independent therapist until joining Aspire as a Behaviour Support Practitioner in 2016. She has completed all coursework for her BCaBA qualification at Florida Institute of Technology and plans to sit her final exam in 2020.

Krystal has therapy experience across multiple settings including clinical, home-based, school, and social skills groups.

A kid at heart, Krystal has an unmissable love for all things sparkly, Disney, and Christmas related! 


Karishma Khullar – Behaviour Support Practitione
M.A. (Psychology)


Karishma graduated top of her class in MA. Applied Psychology from Amity University, Uttar Pradesh in 2018. She is a licensed Registered Behaviour Technician and has worked in India as well as The Cayman Islands, now she is ready to embark on her journey with us at Aspire in Sydney! She is currently studying to become a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst with the Florida Institute of Technology, Florida. She has also written a research paper on the ‘Impact of ABA on basic language and learning skills of children with disability in an inclusive environment.”

Karishma has 3 years of experience in working with kids from ages 2-15 years at homes, schools and clinics. As well as hands on experience in DTT (discrete trial training). She enjoys making her sessions fun with a naturalistic teaching approach, allowing the child to take the lead. She is also skilled in ABLLS-R Assessment, as well as experience in Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and Augmentative and Alternative Communication System (AAC) 

You may not know but Karishma has done theatre for 3 years and she enjoys cooking fusion food (Indian, Italian and Asian). If she’s not studying, she will be in the kitchen concocting new recipes!


Brooke Stelzer – Behaviour Support Practitioner
BSpHLSc (Speech, Hearing and Language Sciences), M.Ed. (Education)

 Brooke Stelzer

Brooke holds an undergraduate degree in Speech, Hearing, and Language Sciences from Macquarie University and a Masters of Education from Victoria University of Wellington, NZ.  She is currently completing a graduate diploma in Applied Behaviour Analysis and is working towards her BCBA. Brooke has over 6 years of experience as a therapist, working both as an independent therapist and now as a Behaviour Support Practitioner at Aspire since February 2020. She is particularly passionate about functional communication training including PECS and AAC, teaching practical daily living skills, and working closely with parents to give them the skills and support they need at home.



Deblina Das – Behaviour Support Practitioner
BPsych, M.Sc. (Clinical Psychology)

Deblina (1)

 Deblina completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from University of Delhi in 2014 as well as Masters of Science degree in Clinical Psychology from Christ University, Bangalore, India in 2016.

She has 3 years of experience in ABA and is currently pursuing her certification for Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) from Florida Institute of Technology. She aims to sit for her BCBA exam in early 2021.

Deblina is passionate about working with children from various backgrounds. She wishes to expand her scope of knowledge and experience in advanced language & communication skills and is interested to work with adolescents in the near future. She is also keen on exploring research opportunities in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) for adolescents and parents of young learners.

In her spare time, Deblina loves to drink tea, do food & lifestyle photography, dance and travel.



Hannah Roberts – Registered Behaviour Technician 
B.A. (Psychology) 


Hannah Roberts is a Registered Behavioural Technician and holds a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) from Macquarie University. She is currently completing her Honours in Psychology. Hannah has 7 years experience working with children across a wide range of roles, including 1.5 years’ experience as a therapist at Aspire. Hannah has therapy experience across multiple settings including clinical, home-based and school. Hannah is passionate about working with children from a range of backgrounds and consistently strives to deepen her knowledge of ABA in order to provide the best outcomes for her clients. In her spare time, Hannah loves to travel, practice the art of Jitsu and bake.



Daniella Wrasse de Freitas – Registered Behaviour Technician 


Daniella is a Registered Behaviour Technician and has been working at Aspire since February 2020.

She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, in 2017. At the moment, she is finishing her postgraduate course in Neuroscience and Behaviour at the same University. She has previous experience working with children in clinical psychology, including children with autism.

Daniella is always open to new experiences. She likes to help in the process of teaching new skills to her clients, but also learning from them. She believes that life is a constant learning process.  

In her spare time, Daniella loves to watch movies (animated movies are her favourites), play video games, read and travel.



Kerry-Anne Sherson – Speech Pathologist
B.App.Sc.(Speech Pathology); M. Inclusive Education (Autism); MSPA, CPSP

Kerry-Anne studied Speech Pathology at the University of Sydney and graduated in 2008. 

Kerry-Anne began working at a busy Western Sydney private practice in 2009. Soon after starting, she developed a keen interest in working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, their families and their educators. This interest led Kerry-Anne to complete her Masters of Inclusive Education in Autism through the University of Canberra, graduating with a Dean’s Merit in 2010. 

Kerry-Anne started Cheeky Speakers Speech Pathology in the Newington area in 2015. 

Kerry-Anne assesses and delivers speech pathology services for children aged 18 months to 18 years with communication difficulties including: articulation; phonological disorders; receptive language; expressive language; literacy and fluency. She has experience working with children who have a range of diagnoses including: specific learning impairments; ASD; Down’s Syndrome; ADHD/ ADD; ODD; VCFS and Foetal Alcohol Syndrome as well as families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. 

Kerry-Anne enjoys working with families at the Aspire Early Intervention Centre, Newington Medical Centre, their preschools/ schools and their homes to assist them with improving their communication skills. 



Lynda Hayes – Admin Manager 


Lynda joined the administration team in April 2016. With previous roles as a Team Leader and Manager in the cosmetics industry, Lynda brings her skills in customer service, management and high levels of organisation to Aspire. Lynda is highly adept at problem solving, and loves working with people to find the best outcome. With her versatile skill set, Lynda enjoys a hands-on approach and leads the administration team by example. With her passion in delivering tangible outcomes, Lynda works tirelessly to see Aspire continue to grow, and deliver services to more families in need.



Max Jaye Pick – Communications and Content Manager / Admin Ninja 


Max joined the administration team in July 2017. With a background in policy advising, community work, advocacy and politics, Max is passionate about social justice. They completed a Bachelor of Arts, with a Major in Gender Studies in 2013, and a Diploma in Community Services in 2010. Max brings a diverse skill set to the administration team, including organisation, communication, policy development, writing and teamwork. They foster the values of inclusivity that Aspire encourages. Max really likes the 2016 release of Ghostbusters.

*As a trans, non binary person, Max uses the pronoun they/them. 



Julie Spring – Administrative Assistant


Julie has an Arts degree, is a Registered Midwife, and a Childbirth and Parenting Educator. It gives her great satisfaction to inform, equip, and prepare parents for all things babies and kids! Underlying it all is a secret passion for organisation, communication and administration. This is where she fits into the team at Aspire. Julie joined the admin team in 2020 with a desire to support the talented and dedicated Clinicians at Aspire, so that they can thrive and achieve great things for all the Aspire families.

Outside of work, Julie will be running, reading, wife-ing, parenting, enjoying music and eating dark chocolate.



Alan Conradi – Behavioural Consultant (Adolescents and Adults) 

Alan Conradi B&W

Alan has completed a Bachelor of Psychology degree, with a focus on autism and intellectual disability. Alan also holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and is a Motivational Interviewing trainer. He has provided expert clinical support in government, non-government and private sector roles as the leader of specialist teams, a senior clinician, and in specialist roles.

Alan has over 10 years experience in providing high quality individualised behaviour and positive lifestyle supports to people from all backgrounds, situations, circumstances and needs, from parenting support, to supporting clients in the criminal justice system; day programs, group homes, work, respite, schools, recreation groups, and much more.

Alan has particular skills in providing consultation and behaviour support to adolescents and adults, with a thorough understanding of support services, systems, and personal needs across these important life stages. Alan can assist with behaviour assessments, reports and support plans, positive practices, restricted practices, skill development, safety planning, implementation, goal attainment, ongoing therapeutic supports, assisting with establishing and maintaining placements at respite, school, work, group homes, day programs and community groups.

Alan also has a wide range of direct support experience, having worked in respite, vacation care, day programs, group homes, among many others. The combined sum of this training and experience is high quality, realistic and down to earth clinical supports and intervention from a place of understanding, caring and support.