Big Heroes Social Club

Aspire provides small social skills groups at our centre in Newington. Groups are run by two therapists, with a maximum of six children depending on their skill levels. All groups are highly individualised and target specific social skills depending on the child’s individual needs.

Our groups are open to children who have difficulty with social issues, either those related to diagnosis, or for children who have difficulty coping with stress in various social contexts. They provide a perfect environment for children to develop and practice their social skills at different levels through a variety of fun-filled games, crafts, music and role-play activities, as well as setting personal goals for each child.


What do the groups look like?

We have two social skills groups, one in the morning for our advanced learners and another in the afternoon.

Morning Builders – Saturdays 10am- 12pm

A structured peer group environment ideal for our advanced learners, that will focus on targets such as perspective taking, theory of mind, advanced conversation skills, executive functioning skills (e.g. task topic shifting), advanced social skills (e.g. body orientation, eye contact) and social dynamic play.

Afternoon Explorers Saturdays 12.30pm- 2.30pm

A highly structured peer group environment for our intermediate learners to advance and master targets such as requests from peers, turn taking, participating in group activities, executive functioning skills (e.g. switching attention, transitioning), skills based activities (e.g. fine motor skills, crafts) and functional pretend play.


How do I get involved?

Initially, we conduct an interview, generally over the phone, giving you an opportunity to address any questions or concerns, as well as giving us the opportunity to assess your child’s needs. If you are interested please contact the office for more details.iStock_000016451564Large





Contact us for more information about our social skills groups.